Oregon Wildlife Federation’s 2009 Campaign

Keep the Oregon Guard in Oregon!

The federal government intends to send 3500 members of the Oregon National Guard to Iraq in Summer 2009. Many will not return or will return with physical or psychic trauma. Moreover, taking the guard and all their equipment out of Oregon causes serious hardship at home and leaves the state unprepared for disasters. The Oregon legislature has the power to prevent or delay the Federal Government from sending our guard abroad.

Global Warming

By this time no one doubts the danger of global warming. Here in Oregon the most immediate threat comes from the effort to establish and institutionalize increased dependence on foreign fossil fuels by creating three Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and 4 related pipelines. This infrastructure threatens to destroy wild and protected habitats, dispossess thousands of landowners of their property through eminent domain and commits Oregon to fifty more years of dirty, socially unacceptable energy.

Old-Growth Forests

W.O.P.R. Update:

Oregon Wildlife Federation has joined with several other groups in opposing the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (aka WOPR). Currently the Oregon legislature is considering supporting the last gasp Bush administration logging scheme known as the WOPR.

The WOPR resolutions now have numbers: Senate Joint Resolution 24 and House Resolution 3. The legislature is set to consider these bills and your elected official needs to hear from you now so you can let them know to stand up against old-growth logging.